Geosteering Services

Real-time drilling services that help maximize reservoir exposure and minimize risk

Minimizing uncertainty and adopting a fit-for-purpose geosteering strategy is crucial to drilling productively. Real-time identification of reservoir layers enables directional drillers to adjust well trajectory to maximize reservoir exposure—even in thin, dipping, and fractured reservoirs.

Our imaging services acquire the real-time measurements necessary to identify reservoir structural characteristics and, in effect, keep wellbores within the most productive region.

PeriScope HD Service

Multilayer bed boundary detection for maximum control of the wellbore and enhanced left-right steering in challenging environments.

MicroScope Service

Resistivity and imaging while drilling for high-quality identification of reservoir dipping beds, faults, and fractures—even in environments with high stick/slip.

iPZIG Service

Industry’s first at-bit inclination, gamma ray, and imaging, providing a continuously updated subsurface geology model.

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