Geostopping Services

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Real-time resistivity and seismic measurements for accurate geostopping

High-quality downhole measurements provided by our imaging services help successfully identify top structures allowing well placement teams to geostop early and precisely. Changes in the geological structure described by geoVISION imaging-while drilling and seismicVISION seismic-while-drilling services are compared to the original models and then incorporated into the 3D reference model to update the well path while drilling.

geoVISION Service

Electrode resistivity measurements and near-bit azimuthal gamma ray measurements—in both water-base and oil-base drilling fluids—enable proactive and precise geostopping decisions.

seismicVISION Service

The industry’s only look-ahead technology provides time-depth-velocity information to reduce geologic uncertainty and support critical, real-time decision making.

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