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Schlumberger offers directional drilling, LWD, and MWD technologies designed to reliably and effectively meet a full range of operational requirements. From high-volume pad drilling in North America and Asia to offshore basins around the world, our tools and services enable operators to increase drilling efficiency and drive performance.

Each drilling tool or service deployment is supported by field-proven Schlumberger QA/QC, maintenance, and documentation procedures for smooth operation and minimal NPT. Our products are available on a sale or rental basis, depending on customer need.

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MWD Tools & Services

Optimize data transmission with mud pulse and electromagnetic telemetry.

TelePacer Modular MWD Platform
Configure platform to maximize exposure and reduce risk in your reservoir.

Take surveys automatically during every connection for reduced NPT with XPulse Survey on Connection from Extreme Engineering.

Obtain precise inclination, azimuth, MWD, gamma ray, and pressure data in a variety of applications with XEM from Extreme Engineering.

LWD Tools & Services

Improve formation characterization while drilling with resistivity, density, and porosity measurements.

AWR Resistivity
Capture array and compensated dual-frequency array wave resistivity measurements while drilling.

Directional Drilling

  • Ensure optimal power downhole with a wide range of drilling motors. 
  • Provide the right amount of torque and power for the application with the latest PowerPak steerable motors.

Additional Services

  • Inform steering decisions with annular pressure and at-bit measurements. 
  • Maximize well placement success with the DPM dynamic pressure module.

iPZIG Service
Acquire at-bit inclination, natural gamma ray, and imaging.

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Find the Right Drilling and Measurement Tools for Your Job
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Equipment Sales Catalog

From high-performance motors to sidetracking whipstocks, we offer tools ideal for your drilling and well intervention applications.
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Modular MWD Platform for Efficient Well Placement

telepacer tn
The TelePacer modular MWD platform reduces collision risk, improves drilling efficiency, and maximizes sweet-spot exposure with a configurable suite of integrated measurements.
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