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System for improving efficiencies, safety in HPHT wells

The M-I SWACO mud cooler improves safety and drilling efficiency in HPHT applications. The technology reduces fluid loss and non-productive time (NPT) while also protecting the health and safety of the rig crew.

In HPHT wells, even the most temperature-tolerant drilling fluids have their limits. At a certain point, these muds begin to break down or behave erratically, resulting in fluid loss, reduced viscosity, stuck pipe, unstable filter cakes and other problems.

Efficient heat transfer

In addition, overheated oil-base mud can release fumes that result in uncomfortable and hazardous breathing conditions for rig crews. Further, fluids heated beyond their limits can produce inaccurate readings from Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) tools. They also can lead to excess wear on the elastomers of the MWD, LWD tools, as well as those in BOP) riser, shakers, centrifuges and mud pumps.

The mud cooler is engineered with a specific focus on efficient heat transfer in drilling fluids. The system has been field-proven to reduce risk factors and drilling complications while simultaneously increasing safety and decreasing operating costs.

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