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System for coiled tubing drilling, completions or any operation requiring precise pressure control

The PRESSURE & FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM coiled tubing application technology was designed for coiled tubing drilling and completions requiring precise pressure control. The closed-loop technology also provides an innovative solution for the efficient removal of waste and gas from drilling fluids. The technology is ideally suited for frac and flowback operations, workovers, well cleanup, reentry, completions, and unconventional drilling operations requiring a small footprint.

Satisfying environmental regulations

The technology satisfies environmental regulations, addressing narrow-pressure-gradient limitations; solids-removal specifications; and space, weight, and time restrictions for coiled tubing projects.

Modular design in a compact system

Because of its modular design, the compact technology can be transported to land or offshore rigs and unloaded in only six lifts. Rig-up and rig-down require minimal time and space because virtually all of the necessary electrical and plumbing are self contained. The end result of the system’s equipment and design is a closed-loop, continuous operation. The PRESSURE & FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM technology has been proven and tested to free fluids of unwanted solids and gas, reducing costs and enhancing safety.

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