Logging While Drilling (LWD) & Measurements While Drilling (MWD) Services

Fast, high-quality data for accurate geosteering and formation evaluation

Increase ROP, improve wellbore stability and hole quality, and optimize well placement and reservoir exposure for maximum production—faster. Schlumberger advanced LWD services acquire high-quality data for accurate geosteering and more-informed formation evaluation, and our MWD services transmit real-time data at rates quadruple the industry standard.

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Measurements While Drilling

Acquire formation evaluation and drilling optimization data during drilling operations to guide well placement and to provide data for survey management and development planning.

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Real-Time Data Delivery in Extreme Temperatures

ice hpht drilling service
The proprietary electronics in the TeleScope ICE service have been verified to 200 degC [392 degF] and 2,000,000 shocks for 35,000 hours.
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See Reservoir Details >100 ft From the Wellbore

Reveal subsurface beddings and fluids contacts critical for landing, steering, and refining field development plans.
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