Geomechanics While Drilling

Rock mechanics and wellbore stability

Real-time multipole acoustic measurements enable wellbore risk mitigation, quantitative cement evaluation, and formation evaluation. These data provide information to guide decisions about placement of casing points. And the measurements are critical to mud weight management and identification of top of cement in exploration, appraisal, and development drilling operations.

SonicPacer Acoustic Shale Evaluation Service

SonicScope Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service

sonicVISION Sonic-While-Drilling Service

Sonic While-Drilling Services

Use sonic data for advanced dispersion correction, acoustic porosity determination, and more.

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Wideband Multipole Transmitter Delivers Multipole Measurements

SonicScope sonic-while-drilling service
SonicScope multipole sonic-while-drilling service delivers real-time and recorded compressional and shear data in both fast and slow formations.
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