Sonic While-Drilling Services

Dual-frequency sonic service

The eSonic dual-refrequency expanded measurement range sonic service uses transmitters firing at 5 and 15 kHz and an extended listening time of 5,120 us to acquire compressional, fast shear, and slow shear measurements.

  • eSonic Dual-Frequency Sonic Service (0.24 MB PDF)

Compensated long-spaced sonic tool

The CLSS compensated long-spaced sonic tool takes two compressional slowness measurements for natural fracture identification, seismic time-to-depth correlation, acoustic porosity determination, pore pressure evaluation, and formation strength and drillability information. Measurements are computed downhole using a semblance technique and are available for transmission to surface while drilling. For enhanced processing, full waveforms are stored in tool memory for retrieval when the tool is tripped to surface.

The CLSS collars have two transmitters, one 4 ft above and the other 4 ft below a four-receiver array with 1-ft spacings. This configuration provides significant measurement redundancy and the opportunity for borehole compensation. To indicate quality, an ultrasonic transducer at the center of the receiver array measures standoff.

  • CLSS 675 Sonic Tool (0.11 MB PDF)
  • CLSS 800Sonic Tool (0.09 MB PDF)
  • CLSS 950 Sonic Tool (0.15 MB PDF)

Slimhole sonic tool

For logging in hole sizes as small as 6 in, the SCLSS slim compensated long-spaced sonic tool provides compressional and shear porosity measurements. When combined with the HDS-1L fixed-collar directional service and the SCWR slim compensated wave resistivity tool, the SCLSS tool supplies a complete set of formation data for 6-in holes.

  • SCLSS 475 Slimhole Sonic Tool (0.10 MB PDF)
  • CLSS & SCLSS Standard and Slimhole Sonic Tools (0.09 MB PDF)

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