SonicPacer Acoustic Shale Evaluation Service

Create stress profile along lateral while drilling

The SonicPacer acoustic shale evaluation service captures acoustic measurements while drilling to create a continuous stress profile along laterals in shale reservoirs. This data provides insight into the fracturability of the lateral, which enables operators to engineer completions that increase the number of contributing perforations and reduce stimulation costs.

Increase the number of contributing perforations

Through accurate well placement and stress assessment, operators have increased the number of contributing perforations from an industry average of 66% with geometric completions to an average of 80% or greater with engineered completions.

The SonicPacer acquires acoustic data needed to create a continuous stress profile along the lateral using directional, unipole firings. This stress profile feeds into our completion optimization workflows to optimize the stage geometry, minimizing the stress differential across each individual stage for effective fracturing operations.

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