SonicScope Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service

Compressional, shear, and Stoneley data

SonicScope multipole sonic-while-drilling service computes real-time and recorded compressional and shear data in both fast and slow formations. The service uses powerful broadband transmitters to excite both monopole and quadrupole modes over a frequency band of 1–20 kHz. Its extra computation power also permits use of advanced downhole algorithms, enabling more complex processing and acquisition while drilling and while tripping in or out of hole at up to 1,800 ft/h.

SonicScope measurement log

Comprehensive data quality control

To reduce uncertainties with data, the SonicScope service offers a variety of logs and plots as part of the thorough quality control process, enabling operators to evaluate data from the acquisition of raw waveforms to the final compressional and shear data.

Dispersion plot
Dispersion plots provide a powerful QC method to identify the modes propagating in the data and to check the outputted slowness values from the processing. Monopole, quadrupole and Stoneley modes can be clearly identified. 

The size of the circles on the plots represents the energy of the mode for the given frequency. A bigger circle indicates higher energy of the mode at this frequency.

Dispersion plot

Quadrupole slowness frequency analysis 
The slowness frequency analysis represents the energy of the propagating waves by projecting the dispersions onto the slowness axis at each depth. Shear slowness is overlaid (red curve), and it should lie near the left edge of the image, indicating the shear slowness log is at the lower (faster) edge of the quadrupole dispersion curve.

Slowness frequency anlaysis

Waveforms variable density log (VDL)
The VDL provides information to assess the quality of a waveform from a specific receiver. The transit time of the first arrival can be used to QC the compressional arrival and also check if borehole washouts or presence of gas in the mud are affecting the waveform amplitude.

 waveforms variable density log
SonicScope Measurement Log

LWD Sonic Data Supports Critical Geomechanic Analysis in Deepwater HPHT Well

Acquired real-time sonic data is a match with memory sonic data in shallow unconsolidated section.
Operator obtained reliable LWD sonic data for both real time and memory to reach total depth with reduced risk in South China Sea project.
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Acoustic LWD Service Delivers Real-Time Data in Fast & Slow Formations

SonicScope QuadrupoleSonicScope MonopoleSonicScope Stoneley
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