GeoSphere Reservoir Mapping-While-Drilling Service

Date Title Challenge Products
Jul 2017 GeoSphere Service Enhances Coring Operations With Real-Time Look-Ahead Capability GeoSphere, EcoScope, sonicVISION
Jun 2016 ExxonMobil Maps Complex Injectite Reservoir to Effectively Geosteer into Target Sands, North Sea GeoSphere, geoVISION
Aug 2016 OMV Achieves Record Horizontal Appraisal Well Through Collaborative Well Engineering and Operation StingBlade, PowerDrive Xceed, GeoSphere, EcoScope, TeleScope, PeriScope HD, MicroScope, DigiScope, adnVISION, SonicScope, StethoScope, STARGLIDE, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS , ENVIROUNIT, TLC, GeoTesting, IRDV, OrientXact, SenTREE, OLGA, Vx Spectra, EverGreen
Sep 2015 LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft Sets Record with Single-Run 4,895-m Horizontal Section, 88.5% Net to Gross GeoSphere, EcoScope, DBOS OnTime, IDEAS, i-DRILL, SHARC, PowerDrive Xceed, Hydra-Jar AP
Sep 2015 Apache Saves USD 12.3 Million and Increases Expected Oil Recovery by 11% Offshore Australia WellDefined, GeoSphere, PeriScope, EcoScope