GyroPulse Gyro-While-Drilling Service

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Gyro While Drilling and Magnetic MWD

GyroPulse gyro-while-drilling service offers simultaneous real-time gyro orienting and conventional magnetic MWD on a single trip into the hole. The turbine in the PowerPulse MWD telemetry system powers the gyro in all phases of the operation except gyro compassing. Drilling can continue to section TD without interruption, reducing drilling costs.

More than two million circulating hours have proved the reliability of the PowerPulse MWD telemetry system used in the GyroPulse service.

Frequent, accurate surveys

Because of their greater frequency, GyroPulse service's surveys are more accurate than surveys made with multiple gyro single-shot runs or gyro steering tools run on wireline.

Versatile combinations

The GyroPulse service can provide real-time inertial and gravity toolface while sliding. In addition, this is combinable with LWD formation evaluation services, such as arcVISION array resistivity compensated service and other VISION LWD services.

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