ImPulse Integrated MWD Platform

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Survey, gamma ray, and resistivity while drilling

The ImPulse platform comprises MWD and resistivity components of VISION 475 LWD services. Surveying quality control is memorized in the tool, checked downhole, and transmitted in the quickest-possible mode.

High-temperature ImPulse platform services have a proven track record for high-temperature operations around the world. Our suite of best-in-class HT technologies and certified engineers includes products and services for directional drilling, MWD, and LWD. See the HT suite

ImPulse Prime Integrated MWD Platform

The ImPulse Prime integrated MWD platform is for directional drilling and formation evaluation applications. It’s capable of real time, continuous and static direction and inclination surveying, gamma ray, and resistivity measurements. Learn more

  • Reduces surveying time
  • Improves the reliability of the integrated MWD
  • Mitigates borehole instability risk and stuck pipe
  • Endures severe shock and corrosive muds
  • Eliminates need to alter flow rate to enable static direction and inclination survey

The standard tool gives you survey, gamma ray, and resistivity measurements for hole sizes 5 3/4 in and larger. The measured data is transmitted at rates up to 6 bps with a state-of-the-art telemetry system.

The ImPulse platform measures formation resistivities at multiple depths of investigation using an electromagnetic antenna array of five transmitters and two receivers. The receivers are strategically placed above and below the transmitters to achieve true borehole-compensated formation resistivity.

The tool is combinable with the VPWD collar-mounted verified pressure-while-drilling service, which provides internal and annular pressure as well as battery power to obtain logging data while tripping out of the hole. The tool also is combinable with the adnVISION azimuthal density neutron service for complete, real-time formation evaluation services.

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ImPulse MWD service integrates zero-gap modulation techniques
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