Orion II Data Compression Platform

High-resolution data transmission for MLWD tools

The Orion II data compression platform enables transmission of more high-quality real-time MWD and LWD data to surface while drilling long and deep wellbores at fast penetration rates. The delivery of an increased quantity of curves, images, waveforms, and other data in real time can inform drilling and well placement decisions at critical moments, improving directional control and reducing risk.

At a given physical telemetry rate, the Orion II platform uses advanced compression algorithms and signal modulation methods to push mud pulse signal further. In a complex BHA where an increasing number of real-time measurements are possible, the high-speed telemetry platform allows 60 curves at 2 data points per foot at a drilling speed of 250 ft/h.

Noise elimination with signal digitized at its source

At the surface, Orion II high-quality sensors eliminate electrical noise by digitizing the signal at its source and demodulate weaker signals at high telemetry rates for enhanced data quality. Downlink commands to the PowerDrive family of rotary steerable systems or MWD tools are also enhanced by allowing faster commands to be sent while drilling in real time.

High-Quantity, High-Resolution MWD Data

Orion II MWD and LWD Telemetry Platform
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