Orion II Data Compression Platform

The Orion II data compression platform boosts effective transmission rates of MWD and LWD data to provide more real-time data with the high quality needed to make drilling decisions.

Extended-reach and ultra-deepwater applications

Higher transmission speeds provided by the telemetry platform also contribute to increased well accuracy and downhole tool control while drilling extended-reach and ultradeepwater wells. In the longest well ever drilled—over 40,000 ft—the Orion II platform’s downhole signal modulation methods pushed physical mud pulse telemetry further, delivering rates of 4 bps for 38,200 ft and 2 bps from that depth to TD.

The DigiScope slimhole MWD service delivered a record telemetry of 9 bps physical data rate, increased by Orion II compression to 146 bps, in an ERD well that reached a TD of 20,330 ft. The BHA included a full suite of Schlumberger slimhole LWD technologies, including MicroScope, SonicScope, PeriScope, StethoScope, and adnVISION services.

High-quantity, high-resolution MLWD services

The system is available for use on the ImPulse integrated MWD platform, adnVISION azimuthal density neutron service, EcoScope multifunction LWD service, NeoScope sourceless formation evaluation-while-drilling service, and proVISION Plus magnetic resonance-while-drilling service, as well as the TeleScope high-speed telemetry-while-drilling service and SlimPulse retrievable MWD service.

High-Quantity, High-Resolution MWD Data

Orion II MWD and LWD Telemetry Platform
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