DigiScope Slimhole Measurements-While-Drilling Service

Acquire more MLWD data faster from greater depths

The DigiScope slimhole measurements-while-drilling (MWD) service transmits high-quality data to surface for real-time reservoir description and geosteering in land, extended-reach, and deepwater wells. This high-speed telemetry service powers the most extensive suite of LWD services and generates a strong signal in the deepest wells.

Get accurate data for geosteering 

The DigiScope service's two-stage turbine, which introduces a second propeller, simultaneously powers multiple LWD tools uphole and downhole for flexible BHA configuration. DigiScope service transmits high-resolution reservoir characterization data at physical bit rates up to 36 bps for real-time geosteering and formation evaluation at high ROP. Using the Orion II data compression platform, the effective bit rate is increased to greater than 140 bps. The quality and strength of the service's signal combine to deliver high-quality data at faster rates.

Interpret formation integrity tests

The DigiScope service acquires wellbore surveys, azimuthal gamma ray, annular and internal pressure, and shock and vibration data while drilling. This service enables pumps-off pressure and equivalent static density (ESD) data acquisition to reduce uncertainty in interpretation of leakoff tests (LOT) and formation integrity tests (FIT).

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Slimhole MWD Service Powers Complex LWD Technologies

DigiScope Slimhole Measurements While Drilling Service
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