DigiScope Slimhole Measurements-While-Drilling Service

Power full suite of slimhole LWD services in any BHA

The DigiScope tool includes a high-density, slim alternator coupled with a two-stage turbine assembly to deliver power to a large suite of LWD tools placed above or below in the BHA. High-efficiency electronics enable the tool to make the most of the power generated by the turbine, at a large range of mud flow rates. In addition to its own power consumption, the DigiScope turbine assembly provides up to 110 W uphole and 110 W downhole.

Use proven modulation algorithm applied to MWD

The modulator within the DigiScope tool maintains high resolution in transmission by applying the smooth phase shift keying (SPSK) method, which minimizes ROP restrictions to enable delivery of twice as many data points at high ROP. Signal quality is maintained using an unparalleled range of transmission frequencies available at the higher bit rates.

For more information about DigiScope measurements, download brochure.

Slimhole MWD Service Powers Complex LWD Technologies

DigiScope Slimhole Measurements While Drilling Service
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