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Real-time direction & toolface measurements

SURVIVOR high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) service provides direction and toolface measurements in real time for steering the borehole and can operate in temperatures up to 350 degF [175 degC] and pressures up to 25,000 psi. An optional gamma ray sensor—with a proven scintillation crystal design and full API calibration—can be added at the wellsite for formation correlation.

Directional Tool

SURVIVOR service's HDS-1L HPHT directional tool uses a highly accurate sensor to measure direction and toolface, together with a positive-pulse transmission system that sends computed surveys or raw data to surface. Continuous readings of inclination and azimuth are also available. The HDS-1L tool communicates with LWD tools in the string via the DataLink MWD real-time communication platform. The tool is inserted into the collar at the rig site.

  • SURVIVOR Service's HDS-1L HPHT Directional Tool (0.09 MB PDF)

Retrievable Directional Tool

SURVIVOR service's HDS-1R HPHT retrievable directional tool for directional and horizontal applications with high dogleg severity (DLS), uses a proprietary wireline-retrievable and -reinsertable MWD system, capable of operating in drilling assemblies from 3 1/8-in to 9 1/2-in OD. The entire assembly has a 1 7/8-in diameter, which provides the added benefit of tool retrievability through IDs as small as 2 1/8 in, minimizing lost-in-hole exposure.

Gravity-Based, Magnetic Interference–Free Survey Tool

SURVIVOR service's HDS-1G HPHT gravity-based, magnetic interference–free survey tool uses proven SURVIVOR service HDS-1 technology with two modular MWD sensors to calculate azimuth in hostile drilling environments where magnetic interference prevents the use of a conventional MWD survey. The dual MWD accelerometer package measures tool (or BHA) bending and calculates the difference in azimuth. This is tied into the reference survey, providing an accurate azimuth or direction. Inclination is calculated in the standard way—a full directional survey is thus available.

SURVIVOR Dynamic Pressure Module

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