TeleScope High-Speed Telemetry-While-Drilling Service

Fast transmission of data to surface

TeleScope service, running with the Orion II telemetry platform, transmits data at a given physical telemetry rate with compression algorithms downhole. At the surface, signal detection and noise cancellation methods demodulate extremely weak signals at high telemetry rates to enhance data quality.

The system’s fast, easy-to-use downlink protocol enables real-time transmission of information from surface to downhole tools. Transmission speeds and configuration settings are easy to change, and because communication is bidirectional, normal logging and drilling operations can continue during downlinking.

Ability to withstand shock and vibration

Internal electric boards are mounted in a rugged chassis built to withstand extreme shock and vibration. Downhole components are designed for HPHT operations.

Real-time downhole measurements

TeleScope measurements include drilling dynamics information—valuable for real-time analysis and available in memory mode for postdrilling analysis—downhole weight and torque on bit, three-axis vibration, torsional shock, continuous direction, and inclination.

Formation gamma ray measurements for additional correlation can also be obtained when TeleScope service is run alone.

Telemetry Platform Transmits High-Resolution Data to Surface in Less Time

Orion II MWD and LWD Telemetry Platform
Platform uses advanced compression algorithms and signal modulation methods to push mud pulse signal further.
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