adnVISION Azimuthal Density Neutron Service

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products
Aug 2016 OMV Achieves Record Horizontal Appraisal Well Through Collaborative Well Engineering and Operation StingBlade, PowerDrive Xceed, GeoSphere, EcoScope, TeleScope, PeriScope HD, MicroScope, DigiScope, adnVISION, SonicScope, StethoScope, STARGLIDE, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS , ENVIROUNIT, TLC, GeoTesting, IRDV, OrientXact, SenTREE, OLGA, Vx Spectra, EverGreen
Dec 2013 High-Quality, Real-Time Sonic Data Enables Optimal Well Placement in Chinese Tight Gas Reservoir Real-Time Operations adnVISION, SonicScope
Nov 2013 Customized Drilling Systems Save ERIELL 15 Days, Setting a Samburgskoe Field Record PowerDrive X6, MEGADRIL, adnVISION, arcVISION, PowerPak
Aug 2013 Suite of LWD Services Enables Full Characterization of Reservoir in South China Sea geoVISION, arcVISION, adnVISION
Apr 2013 Customized BHA Saves 12 Rig Days in Northern Kazakhstan PowerDrive X6, adnVISION, SonicScope, ImPulse, PDC Standard