NeoScope Sourceless Formation Evaluation-While-Drilling Service

NeoScope sourceless formation evaluation-while-drilling service reduces risk by eliminating the need for chemical sources in logging while drilling. The industry’s only sourceless formation evaluation-while-drilling solution, NeoScope service uses unique pulsed neutron generator technology in the shortest multifunction LWD service collar available.

Exploration drilling without chemical sources

In exploration drilling, NeoScope service eliminates the need for chemical sources, avoids complex abandonment procedures, provides comprehensive petrophysical measurements in real time, and saves rig time through early evaluation to optimize drilling and logging programs.

Sourceless measurements in unconventional plays

In unconventional plays, NeoScope service offers an extensive suite of sourceless measurements to evaluate reservoir quality, provides critical data to optimize completion quality, provides sourceless measurements in real time for better well placement, and removes transportation and handling risks and the costs of chemical sources.

Save rig time and risks in any drilling operation

In everyday logging, NeoScope service saves rig time and risks by eliminating source loading and unloading, provides all measurements close to the bit, increases efficiency and safety by integrating all sensors in one collar, and avoids complex sidetracking and lengthy fishing operations.

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NeoScope LWD Eliminates Chemical Sources

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