proVISION Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Service

Overview Library

Real-time producibility information while drilling

The proVISION service combines nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) while drilling with quality control data transmission to provide high-resolution measurements and evaluate reservoir productivity in real time. This deep-reading tool delivers measurements for hydrocarbon detection—particularly for locating low-contrast, low-resistivity pay—and operates independently of resistivity measurements.

Optimizing production using critical reservoir parameters

Applying NMR technology to formation characterization, the proVISION service delivers reservoir parameters such as permeability and bound-fluid volume that traditional LWD tools cannot measure. Answers delivered in real time can be used to optimize wellbore length by matching the wellbore’s producibility characteristics to the planned completion capabilities. Real-time reservoir steering also maximizes drilling in highly permeable zones, and water cut can be avoided using knowledge of irreducible water saturation.

Providing data assurance in difficult environments

The proVISION NMR measurements while drilling contribute to faster decision making, which can lead to substantial rig-time savings in remote and demanding environments such as deep water. Placed anywhere on the BHA, the tool supports geosteering, geostopping, and wellbore trajectory optimization in challenging formations. Motion characterization data enable real-time quality control of MR measurements used to analyze motion and shock for hole condition and BHA preservation.

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