Well Placement

Real-time wellbore positioning

The determination of Rt, the true formation resistivity, using LWD services. Schlumberger services make accurate measurements for drilling optimization, fracture identification, and hydrocarbon pay identification.

MicroScope Resistivity- and Imaging-While-Drilling Service

Get an accurate picture of your reservoir with resistivity measurements and borehole imaging.

PeriScope HD Multilayer Bed Boundary Detection Service

Detect multiple formation layers and fluid boundary positions for advanced well placement.

PeriScope Bed Boundary Mapping Service

Optimize well placement with distance-to-boundary measurements to stay 100% in zone.

geoVISION Imaging-While-Drilling Service

At-Bit Measurements

AWR Resistivity Service

HPHT Dual-Frequency Array Wave Resistivity Tool

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Azimuthally Focused Resistivity Measurements

MicroScope high-resolution resistivity measurements and borehole imaging
The MicroScope service enables critical geosteering decisions by identifying dipping beds, faults, and fractures.
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Well Placement Fundamentals:
A Reference Book

Taking readers from the basics to complex well placement processes, this book serves as precourse reading for students and as a reference for industry professionals interested in drilling.
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