iPZIG At-Bit Inclination, Gamma Ray,
and Imaging Service

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Image gamma and inclination tool positioned directly behind bit for time-critical measurements

iPZIG at-bit inclination, natural gamma ray, and imaging service is the industry’s first image gamma and inclination tool positioned directly behind the bit. The iPZIG system reduces the reaction time for making critical geosteering decisions and maintaining the wellbore in the targeted interval. The iPZIG service provides at-bit gamma ray imaging, along with traditional natural gamma ray measurement, dynamic inclination, RPM, and temperature.

Cost-effective geosteering for optimized well placement 

When used with the PayZone Steering real-time forward modeling software, the service is an accurate, cost-effective geosteering solution that helps to optimize well placement and trajectory while drilling. The software combines the petrophysical data from LWD logs run in offset wells, the geological earth model, and the directional well plan to model the subsurface geology. While drilling, the geosteering model is continuously updated with the at-bit gamma ray measurements and the dip of bedding planes is computed.

Dual-sub design to separate sensors from mud motor

The iPZIG tool is composed of two subs, making the inclination and gamma ray image sensors completely independent of the mud motor. Keeping the sensors independent of the mud motor helps contain costs and provides flexibility for the motors to run in more applications.

  • Lower transceiver sub (LXM) houses the sensor packages, batteries, and electronics to process at-bit gamma ray imaging, along with traditional natural gamma ray, dynamic inclination, RPM, and temperature measurements before they are transmitted via electromagnetic (EM) short-hop through the drilling fluid and formation to the upper transceiver sub.
  • Upper sub (UXM) transfers the at-bit measurements via a real-time data link connection to the MWD tool for mud pulse telemetry to the surface.

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2012 World Oil Drilling Technology Winner 
iPZIG At-Bit Inclination and Gamma Ray Image Service received the 2012 World Oil Award for Best Drilling Technology. Read article (0.22 KB PDF)

Make Critical Geosteering Decisions On Time

iPZIG at-bit gamma ray service
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