AWR Resistivity Service

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Precise geosteering in any wellbore environment

The AWR dual-frequency array wave resistivity tool acquires wireline-quality resistivity, natural gamma ray, and inclination measurements in conventional or HPHT (350 degF) wellbores, enabling precise geosteering and optimal well trajectory control. The versatility in applications saves time by eliminating the need to change logging tools to accommodate wellbore conditions. The tool easily integrates with Schlumberger directional drilling and quad-combo systems and can be positioned anywhere in the toolstring for seamless support of your drilling operations. The array wave resistivity tool is available for hole sizes from 5 7/16 to 26 in and operates in all mud types.

Dual-frequency measurements to confirm tool readings

Fully compensated, the tool features a symmetrical antenna array that delivers highly accurate, quantitative measurements. The AWR tool provides up to 12 resistivity curves to fully support formation evaluation and steering needs while drilling.

Advanced battery sub for extended logging runs

The ABS modular battery subs provide downhole power to the AWR and iDNSC tools, enabling long-lasting performance. The sub, which requires only a single data port for all LWD tools, can operate in pressures up to 25,000 psi and temperatures up to 350 degF [175 degC]. The battery sub features a nonmagnetic stainless steel collar and is capable of powering a triple-combo LWD tool for up to 12 days. The design of the stackable battery packs eliminates the need to pull out of the hole to switch batteries and allows tool sensors to be placed closer to the bit for more accurate LWD logs.

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