MicroScope Resistivity- and Imaging-While-Drilling Service

Borehole imaging and resistivity for shale and carbonate reservoirs

On a single collar, MicroScope resistivity- and imaging-while-drilling service provides 360o electrical images and laterolog resistivity measurements in conductive mud environments. This service is suitable for use in diverse and challenging environments, including unconventional shale plays and carbonate and clastic reservoirs. The 4 3/4-in Microscope service can be used in hole sizes ranging from 5 7/8 to 6 1/2 in.

High-angle and horizontal well formation evaluation

Azimuthally focused laterolog resistivity measurements from MicroScope service are relatively unaffected by shoulder bed and anisotropy effects. The high-resolution data is acquired at four depths of investigation. These measurements help identify thin beds, run an invasion profile analysis, and develop better reserve estimates.

Well placement with resistivity imaging

MicroScope service produces high-resolution imaging in real-time and recorded modes. The real-time images enable critical geosteering decisions by identifying dipping beds, faults, and fractures. Full borehole coverage can be acquired with nearly any combination of drilling and rotational speed—even in stick/slip environments.

Fracture identification to optimize completion design

High-resolution images from MicroScope service are used to identify and understand fault and fracture networks. Combining fracture, fault, and structural analysis, helps optimize completion design and improve reservoir understanding.

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MicroScope Service Acquires Laterolog Resistivity

MicroScope LWD High-Resolution Resistivity Measurements and Borehole Imaging
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