PeriScope Bed Boundary Mapping Service

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Electromagnetic LWD service for well placement distance-to-boundary measurements

PeriScope bed boundary mapping service is revolutionizing well placement by providing the ability to see the reservoir as wells are being drilled, thereby eliminating sidetracks on wells and enhancing production. The industry's first deep and directional electromagnetic LWD measurement continuously monitors the position of formation and fluid boundaries up to 21 ft away so challenging horizontal wells can be drilled entirely within the sweet spot.

Directional and deep well placement

The PeriScope service indicates the best steering direction, and the deep measurement range provides early warning when steering adjustments are required to avoid water, drilling hazards, or exiting the reservoir target.

Because this technology continuously delivers deep images of boundaries around the borehole, uncertainties in structure and formation properties are significantly reduced when compared with traditional well logs in very large volumes of the reservoir. This results in more accurate reservoir models, superior reserves estimation, and improved planning of future wells. Producing previously uneconomic wells is now a reality.

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