PeriScope HD Multilayer Bed Boundary Detection Service

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products
Feb 2017 PeriScope HD Service Maximizes Reservoir Contact in Mature Field Onshore Colombia Deep Water PeriScope HD
Aug 2016 OMV Achieves Record Horizontal Appraisal Well Through Collaborative Well Engineering and Operation StingBlade, PowerDrive Xceed, GeoSphere, EcoScope, TeleScope, PeriScope HD, MicroScope, DigiScope, adnVISION, SonicScope, StethoScope, STARGLIDE, VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS , ENVIROUNIT, TLC, GeoTesting, IRDV, OrientXact, SenTREE, OLGA, Vx Spectra, EverGreen
Feb 2016 LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft Achieves 82% NTG in 2.5-m-Thick Sweet Spot with PeriScope HD Service PowerDrive Xceed, TeleScope, ONYX II Premium PDC Cutters, IDEAS, DBOS, MEGADRIL, PeriScope HD, EcoScope
Feb 2014 New Multilayer LWD Service Helps Achieve 100 Percent Net-to-Gross Ratio Real-Time Operations PeriScope HD