CLEANCUT Cuttings Collection and Transportation System

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Safe and efficient cuttings collection and containment

In deeper water environments, offshore operators encounter not only hostile drilling conditions and complex logistics. They also have to comply with increasing stringent environmental regulations that often call for zero, or near-zero, discharge of drill solids. As a result, they have had to rethink the way in which cuttings laden with oil- and synthetic-base drilling fluids are handled.

CLEANCUT cuttings collection and transportation system provides a complete field-proven method for containing, handling, temporarily storing, and transporting both water- and oil-base drill cuttings. All operations are conducted within a fully automated and totally enclosed and protected environment. A CLEANCUT system can be configured to conform to available rig space.

Pneumatic and totally enclosed cuttings collection, containment, and transport system

Through dense-phase conveying technology, drill cuttings are collected from rig shakers in the CCB clean-cut blower tool. Periodically, they are then pneumatically batch transferred to ISO PUMP cuttings collection and transportation system pumping unit that serve as both storage and conveyance vessels for cuttings. Once cuttings enter the CCB tool, the process is completely enclosed, and fluids-laden cuttings are safely and fully contained. ISO-PUMP units provide buffering storage capacity for skip loading, cuttings reinjection, drilling operations with controlled process rates, equipment downtimes, or logistics issues related to cuttings disposal.

Adaptability and cost efficiency

The flexible configuration of the CLEANCUT system means that it can be engineered to fit rig layouts with small footprints, thereby increasing space for other equipment. Further, it can handle cuttings generated at high ROP, reducing and even eliminating NPT caused by overloaded processing equipment. The totally enclosed system design prevents exposure of personnel and the environment to drilling wastes, even in extreme arctic and tropical conditions. It also minimizes the use of crane lifts, thereby significantly reducing employee exposure to overhead hazards.

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