Unique technology for the safe collection, storage, and movement of drill cuttings

Our VACUUM COLLECTION SYSTEM modular technology collects, stores, and moves drilled cuttings within a totally enclosed environment, minimizing spills and contamination. The technology offers a safe and reliable alternative to many cuttings recovery processes now commonly used offshore. Its performance is proved in the field, and its design is cost effective and simple to rig up and operate.

The VACUUM COLLECTION SYSTEM technology prevents many of the safety and environmental risks associated with cuttings collection and containment. In addition, it is easy to configure to any rig, requires little or no welding, and sets up quickly and easily. These same features enable it to be moved from one location to another in a short amount of time. The totally enclosed system minimizes spills and containment problems, vapor escape, or safety issues that can arise with open systems.

The standard VACUUM COLLECTION SYSTEM technology system consists of cuttings collection boxes, a rig vacuum tank, and a vacuum power skid. It has the advantages of being a totally contained system powerful enough to transport fluids and cuttings vertically and horizontally over fairly long distances. Modular and adaptable, the system minimizes the amount of floor space required for operation. Further, once online, the system does not interrupt the drilling operation.

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