Cuttings Treatment

Suite of high-technologies for securely treating contaminated drill cuttings

Once drill cuttings have been safely contained, M-I SWACO provides a suite of new-generation treatment technologies. Our advanced line of treatment options range from bioremediation to the latest in thermal desorption technologies. Our VERTI-G cuttings dryers are industry standards, as is our all-inclusive iWISE integrated waste injection services. We are a pioneer in desorption technologies incorporating efficient processes for reclaiming base oil, minimizing waste, and preparing solids for disposal.

Our cuttings treatment solutions begin in the fluid development stage. M-I SWACO operates specialized laboratories, including a greenhouse, where our environmental specialists conduct extensive tests for toxicity, biodegradation, recyclability, and reuse.  

As we examine ways to deliver value to our customers, we also discover ways to benefit the environment.

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