iWISE Integrated Waste Injection Services

Field-proven cuttings reinjection (CRI) technologies, workflows, and services in one comprehensive solution

For large and valuable reservoirs in locations that are both remote and environmentally sensitive, cuttings reinjection (CRI) can be the cost-effective, comprehensive solution for drilling waste management that meets or exceeds the most stringent environmental standards.

Limiting the risks and achieving the unequaled benefits of CRI requires surface and subsurface engineering analysis and diagnostic expertise—before, during, and after the operation.

iWISE services comprise field-proven CRI technologies, workflows, and services in one comprehensive solution that enables us to deliver single-source, start-to-finish CRI solutions—on time, on budget, and within environmental constraints.

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Benefits of iWISE services


By disposing of cuttings and waste as they are generated at the rig site, transportation and disposal costs are reduced or eliminated while drilling operations continue uninterrupted. Large waste storage structures are unnecessary, and total containment of waste ensures environmental compliance.


Secure, zero-discharge containment of drilling and completion wastes minimizes emissions, reduces HSE risk, and addresses long-term liability concerns.


Dependable, efficient systems uniting redundant, field-proven technologies and an all-inclusive integrated monitoring system result in lower NPT, regardless of weather conditions. These systems are designed, operated, and maintained by experienced and fully trained personnel leveraging best-in-class technologies and technical expertise.


Featuring compact, modular designs, iWISE services enhance operational flexibility, simplify transport, and reduce rig-up and rig-down times.

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iWISE service assurance workflow

CRI Assurance Workflow

  • PowerFEED front-end engineering design (FEED) and subsurface feasibility studies

    These comprehensive analyses address geological uncertainty and complexity—such as intersections of the fracture and pore domain with natural faults or well trajectories—to enable defining injection parameters, establishing drilling and completion plans, and determining surface facility requirements and procedures.

  • Slurry rheology design and QA/QC

    Poor slurry rheology and design can result in plugged wells or unwanted erosion or corrosion. Comprehensive testing and assessment ensure a reliable fluid design that can optimize completions and production results without compromising drilling quality.

  • CRI facility design and specification

    With a solid understanding of subsurface requirements, iWISE services experts can specify and customize the necessary surface equipment and facilities to optimize your HSE profile and overall productivity.

  • Project management and execution

    We bring together the optimal plan, people, and equipment to deliver the project on time with minimal supply disruptions, safer operation, and reliable management. Our close integration with sister companies allows for process and cost optimization through multiskilling and equipment synergies.

  • iWISE Live integrated waste injection services monitoring

    Real-time 24/7 monitoring of slurry parameters and subsurface pressure enables continuous data diagnostics and fracture model alignment to minimize risk and optimize containment volumes. Download product sheet (0.05 MB PDF)

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