OPTM-IZER Solids Control System

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Mobile, high-efficiency solids control for land operations

As a stand-alone system or a supplement to rig shakers, the OPTM-IZER closed-loop solids control system is a mobile closed-loop unit engineered for land rigs that are not equipped to perform specialized solids-control operations and that do not require the capabilities while drilling the entire well.

Saving time, labor, and installation costs

The OPTM-IZER system equips rigs for barite recovery, high-capacity processing, dewatering, and mud stripping to save time, labor, and installation costs. The system can be moved in, rigged up, and operating on location within 2 hours of arrival. It features three processing modes: high-volume mode, dewatering mode—similar to high-volume mode but with additional chemical-injection capabilities—and barite-recovery mode.

Superior solids removal with less waste

The system offers better solids removal to reduce dilution and waste volumes. Fully variable speed centrifuge technology lowers the percentage of liquid on cuttings, and the entire OPTM-IZER system is fully contained to avoid any liquid or solid spills.

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