SCREEN PULSE Fluid & Cuttings Separator

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Pulsating technology joins ultra-efficient screens for the utmost in cuttings treatment, fluid recovery

The SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator is a simple retrofit installation delivering enhanced shale shaker performance by creating a suction effect under the screen surface, reaping all the benefits of ultra-fine screen separation efficiency.

Efficient design and operation

An automatic pneumatic control panel operates the SCREEN PULSE system on up to three shakers simultaneously. The system utilizes a lightweight pan, installed as a drop-in, within the shaker bed underneath the last screen on the shaker; an air valve mechanism is attached to the pan and creates a gentle suction force, pulling all the residual drilling fluid from the cuttings surface as they travel towards the discharge end of the shaker.

Ultimate Shaker Performance

To get the ultimate in shaker performance, combine the SCREEN PULSE fluid & cuttings separator with the MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker and DURAFLO composite screens.

In addition to enhanced drilling fluid recovery, the SCREEN PULSE system also generates drier cuttings from the shaker. This reduces waste handling and disposal costs and minimizes crane or heavy equipment movements.

Optimized recovery

The SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator from M-I SWACO — combined with our other patented shaker technology and high-capacity lightweight composite screens — delivers optimum efficiency, improves rig site safety, and significantly reduces overall drilling costs.

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Ultra-Fine Screen
Separation Efficiency

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Decreased Costs by 30%, Saved USD 68,000

The operator saved USD 68,000 in reduced costs for mud loss and disposal when drilling two wells in the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas. Read case study

SCREEN PULSE Fluid & Cuttings Separator

Optimum separation efficiency and fluid recovery Read brochure