DURAFLO Composite Screens

Next-generation composite technology

DURAFLO composite replacement screens deliver even longer screen life, greater ease of repair, higher capacity, and greater cost effectiveness compared with metal-framed and other conventional products.

Greater screen life and higher throughput capacity

DURAFLO composite screen technology effectively eliminates the inherent performance-limiting problems of conventional metal frames, including rusting, delamination and a heavier and reduced processing area. DURAFLO screens have as much as twice the functional life of screens mounted on metal and can handle appreciably higher throughput capacity.

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Innovative technology and groundbreaking design

DURAFLO screens include a glass-fiber-filled, polypropylene frame bolstered with an internal high-strength steel reinforcing structure. Using a patented process, one to three layers of stainless steel wire cloth are bonded directly to the composite frame. M-I SWACO holds patents for both the composite design and production process.

Longer screen life, ease of storage and re-use

The composite frame design encompasses the “window pane” effect that includes an increased number of smaller panels, evenly distributing mechanical stresses and limiting mesh damage to small localized areas. Unconducive to rusting, DURAFLO composite screens can be used, stored, and reused on future wells.

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Reduced screen weight to enhance shaker G force

DURAFLO screens weigh about the same as our first-generation composite but weigh up to 40% less than traditional metal-framed screens. Lower screen weight, in turn, enhances shaker G force.

Easy, fast screen repair from patented SNAP-LOK system

The patented SNAP-LOK plug screen-repair system is available on DURAFLO screens for the M-I SWACO BEM-650 shale shaker and NOV Brandt VSM 300 shakers. The innovative SNAP-LOK system reduces screen repair time to less than 2 min. Repair is a simple matter of removing the screen from the shaker and snapping in a factory-made plug.

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SCREEN PULSE Fluid & Cuttings Separator

Maximize the power of our DURAFLO Composite Screens with the SCREEN PULSE Fluids & Cuttings Separator.