Flexibility of dual motion

The MONGOOSE PRO dynamic dual-motion shale shaker combines balanced- and progressive-elliptical motion, enabling operators to switch motion on the fly as drilling conditions change. With a simple flip of a switch, the MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker shifts from the balanced-elliptical to the progressive-elliptical motion without the need to suspend or shut down operations.

Operators can change the type of motion required to handle high volume or produce dryer cuttings as drilling conditions dictate. With the MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker, NPT lost to changing out shakers to meet drilling conditions is no longer an issue.

Balanced elliptical motion manages high volume solids

Effective for tophole sections with heavy, high-volume solids, the balanced-elliptical motion provides 7.5 G of force to quickly move high volumes of solids across the screens. The motion increases conveyance rates and shaker fluid capacity while enabling the shaker to process heavier solids.

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Progressive elliptical produces dryer cuttings

The gentler action of the progressive-elliptical motion is effective when the cuttings volume is reduced, such as in lower sections, and when operators want a longer drying time for the cuttings. The G force is reduced to 6.5 G to optimize drilling fluid recovery and produce dryer cuttings. The efficiency of this motion allows for higher processing rates while increasing cuttings dryness to minimize hauloff costs.

DURAFLO screens enable longer life and greater screen area

The MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker is designed to work with DURAFLO composite replacement screens, which provide a significant increase in fluid capacity as well as excellent resistance to blinding, providing dryer solids discharge and a larger net usable screen area.

Multiple shakers combine to multiply results

Up to four MONGOOSE PRO shale shakers can be prealigned at the factory and mounted on a single skid to allow easier rig moves, requiring only one lift. Dual and trip units can use a common possum belly and include integral feeder slide gates to balance flow or divert it to a single shaker.

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MONGOOSE PRO Outshines Predecessor Shaker in Direct Field Comparison

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The MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker, the latest upgrade to the MONGOOSE line of shale shakers, outperformed an earlier generation shaker in both flow capacity and cuttings discard rates while maintaining the same cuttings dryness.
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A Shaker That Adapts as
Drilling Conditions Change

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