Extended-Reach Drilling (ERD)

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Solutions for restricted reservoir production

Extended-reach drilling (ERD) service gives you the solutions for restricted reservoir production. With ERD services, you can eliminate additional platforms and use land-based drilling in fields that normally would require costly offshore operations.

This technology reduces wellsite footprints and minimizes environmental effects while dramatically improving reservoir drainage at the least cost.

Describe downhole conditions accurately

A variety of drilling performance measurements provides vital data about downhole conditions. These data identify the factors that cause harmful vibrations, BHA damage, and poor performance.

Annular pressure-while-drilling (APWD) data monitored in real time give you crucial hydraulic information for proper ECD and hole cleaning control.

Apply field-tested technology

With consistent contributions in the top extended-reach directional projects, our ERD services set the latest record for deepest downlink at 40,320 ft. Using the PowerDrive rotary steerable system (RSS) family, TeleScope high-speed telemetry-while-drilling service, and other Schlumberger technologies, the project broke nine other records including longest well ever drilled, longest along-hole departure at 37,956 ft, and longest 8 1/2-in section at 35,449 ft.

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