UltraHT Drilling Services

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Advanced drilling and telemetry in extreme temperatures

Operating at 200 degC [392 degF], ICE ultraHT drilling services expand your ability to accurately and efficiently reach targets in ultrahigh-temperature reservoirs without special operating procedures. 

Engineered with proprietary ultraHT-rated ceramic electronics that are ruggedized for extreme downhole conditions, the PowerDrive ICE ultraHT RSS and the TeleScope ICE ultraHT MWD service, together, form the first complete BHA specifically designed to operate at 200 degC. The ICE ultraHT drilling services build on 30 years of drilling innovation, making advanced drilling and telemetry a reality in ultrahigh-temperature wells.

Proprietary ultraHT-rated electronics 

To bring the advantages of the PowerDrive rotary steerable systems and TeleScope MWD services to ultrahigh-temperature reservoirs, Schlumberger revolutionized the process for manufacturing the ceramic components used in modern electronics. The result: multichip modules mounted on a ceramic substrate and hermetically sealed in inert gas, ready for the rigors of downhole use.

PowerDrive ICE UltraHT Rotary Steerable System

Improve performance in ultraHT wells with a fully rotating RSS that operates durably at 200 degC [392 degF].

TeleScope ICE UltraHT MWD Service

Receive survey and formation evaluation data critical for real-time drilling optimization and well placement in ultraHT reservoirs.

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Endurance and Reliability in Extreme Temperatures

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