Drilling Monitoring

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Mechanical, hydraulic, and engineering drilling data is continually measured to balance formation fluid pressures, optimize the drilling process, and maintain a safe operating environment.

Data acquisition

Specialized sensors, located on the rig floor, measure parameters such as drilling speed, drillstring rotation, and weight in the mud pit room. From these measurements mud pit volumes, mud flow rate, and mud weight in the shale shaker area can be discerned as well as parameters such as mud gas level, return flow rate, and return mud weight. Additional sensors may be placed on the cement unit and in the flowline, choke, and kill line.

Data processing and display

The surface acquisition system processes signals from the sensors; data can be displayed versus both time and depth at any location on the rig or sent to remote displays via the Web. The data is also presented through mud logs and drilling logs, which are produced in customized formats and scales daily or on request, providing a record of drilling activity.

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