Geoservices Services Catalog

Geoservices Services Catalog

Geoservices, a Schlumberger company, provides services that support oilfield drilling performance and formation evaluation. Since its foundation in 1958, it has built an unrivaled base of expertise and specialist technologies in a range of essential areas that help optimize field exploration and development.

Core Mud Logging Services

Drilling and Formation Monitoring
GN4 Acquisition System
Drilling Surveillance Options
Advanced Drilling Pack
Gas Portfolio
Mud Logging Units
InterACT Visualization
Geological Operations Services

Drilling Services

Wellbore Quality
CLEAR Cuttings Loading and Wellbore Stability Surveillance
FLAG Fluid Loss and Gain Detection Service
PreVue Pore Pressure Analysis Service
Drilling Geomechanics Services
Drilling Performance
Thema Drilling Operations Support and Analysis Service
Drilling Analyst

Surface Formation Evaluation Services

FLAIR Fluid Logging and Analysis in Real Time
Isotope Logging Service

Rig Operations Surveillance

SENSU Rig Operations Surveillance and Instrumentation System

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Geoservices Product and Services

Geoservices Services Catalog
Download catalog (5.8 MB PDF), to browse Geoservices tools and services.