HydraQuaker Hydraulic Drilling Jar

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Reliable impact to free stuck pipe

The HydraQuaker hydraulic drilling jar is capable of higher overpull and impact than conventional impact tools of the same size. The HydraQuaker jar’s impact action requires no torque buildup to fire, allowing its long free stroke to maximize impact, producing a consistent and reliable jarring force over a broad range of borehole conditions.

Drillstring activation for operational efficiency

To fire the jar, the driller simply raises or lowers the drillstring, and the proprietary metering mechanism sets the HydraQuaker jar to deliver an impact. And, there’s never any need to circulate or cool down the jar, because its proprietary design enables the jar to endure high pressures and operating temperatures of up to 300 degF and 450 degF when equipped with its optional high-temperature seals.

Cost-effective drilling jar design with low-maintenance durability

Designed for cost-effective operation in high-volume environments, the jar is easy to dress, extremely durable, and requires little maintenance. With its jarring mechanism deactivated for drilling, the HydraQuaker jar operates as an integral part of the drillstring. It makes up, racks, and handles like a standard-length drillpipe until needed for jarring.

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HydraQuaker Jar Reliably and Efficiently Frees Stuck Pipe

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HydraQuaker Jar Delivers
High-Impact Jarring Force

The HydraQuaker drilling jar delivers the force required to free stuck pipe or other drilling assembly components. 
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HydraQuaker Specifications

HydraQuaker Specifications
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