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Increase the integrity and reliability of tubular products

A variety of inspection, machine shop, and hardbanding services are available, provided by qualified DRILCO personnel, to increase the integrity and reliability of tubular products. DRILCO is our service delivery organization, with a long history of providing superior tubular services.

Contact DRILCO in your area to discuss services to extend the life of your drilling equipment.

DRILCO Casing and Drillpipe Bucking Services

Makeup and breakout services for casing and drillpipe.

DRILCO Inspection Services

DRILCO Machine Shop Services

DRILCO Hardbanding Services

DRILCO Tubular Management Services

Tubular reliability for offshore and extended-reach drilling.

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Port Fourchon Dockside Tubular Support Center

Port Fourchon Dockside Tubular Support Center
Located dockside in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, the DRILCO C-Port II tubular maintenance facility minimizes handling time, risks, and costs.
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DRILCO Services Extend
Life of Drilling Tubulars

Drilling Tool Services
With over 60 years of setting industry standards, DRILCO-supplied drilling and rig equipment will help ensure a successful operation. Download catalog (1.35 MB PDF)