DRILCO Hardbanding Services

Extend tubular life at the shop or at the rig site

For more than 60 years, DRILCO has provided high-quality hardbanding materials to extend tubular life for drilling operations around the world—from a DRILCO service facility or a mobile unit.

Mobile hardbanding units provide timely, cost-effective maintenance for tubulars without shipping costs to and from a service center or the loss of use of the tubulars during those shipping times. Using state-of-the-art portable equipment, fully trained and qualified DRILCO personal provide onsite application of hardbanding for drill collars, drillpipe, and Hevi-Wate drillpipe.

Premium hardbanding wires, including DRILCO’s Defender Series, are available for maximum protection. DRILCO’s Defender Series and other industry-recognized hardbanding wires are designed for both openhole and casing-friendly applications to increase tubular durability and to maximize wear resistance on drill collars, drillpipe, and Hevi-Wate drillpipe.

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Defender Hardbanding Materials

Mobile Hardbanding

Select tubular product maintenance when and where it is needed.

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Quality Hardbanding Products Protect Tools Against OD Wear

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