AccuTorque Makeup Torque Control and Monitoring System

Attachment for iron roughnecks to measure, control, and record torque values

When makeup torque is improperly applied, drillstring failure events such as backoff and twistoff can occur. These events are costly—sometimes as much as USD 400,000 in US land—and cause extensive amounts of NPT. As a response, Schlumberger designed the AccuTorque system to reduce the number and frequency of these events.

Adverse effects of improper torque makeup

AccuTorque Makeup Torque Control and Monitoring System

Although the industry generally accepts a makeup torque error of 5%, 1 in 6 improperly calibrated iron roughnecks apply torque with an error of greater than 15%. This can lead to drillstring twistoff, resulting in costly NPT. 1 in 20 wells experience backoff or twistoff events, and for every twistoff event the contractor can expect to pay an average of USD 400,000.

The AccuTorque makeup torque control and monitoring system is a peripheral attachment for compatible iron roughnecks that measures, controls, and records torque values. This ensures that the recommended torque is correctly applied during drillstring makeup—without requiring recalibration. When connected to an iron roughneck, it automates makeup operations, lowering the possibility of a twistoff event and reducing makeup time for faster trip speeds. Additionally, the AccuTorque system has an onboard event log, which simplifies log creation and retrieval.

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Minimize Costly Drillstring Failures

AccuTorque Makeup Torque Control and Monitoring System
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Measure and Control Drillstring Makeup

AccuTorque Makeup Torque Control and Monitoring System
The AccuTorque system is able to automate the torque makeup process without the need for recalibration. Download product sheet (0.53 MB PDF)