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From the invention of Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe, to the first use of continuous-line heat treating for drill collars, DRILCO has been an industry leader in the innovation of tubular products and services for over 60 years. DRILCO offers a comprehensive selection of tubulars and subs for any application.

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DRILCO Drill Collars

DRILCO Hevi-Wate Transition Drillpipe

DRILCO Rotary Kelly

DRILCO Premium Drillpipe

Extend pipe durability with high-quality materials.

DRILCO Premium Connections

DRILCO Premium Tubulars

DRILCO Rotary Substitutes

DRILCO Premium Thread Protectors

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Tubulars & Tubular Services
See our catalog for all DRILCO tubular products and services. 
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