DRILCO Hevi-Wate Transition Drillpipe

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Sets the industry standard for an intermediate-weight drillstem member

DRILCO Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe, manufactured to specifications more stringent than API specifications, is the industry standard for an intermediate-weight drillstem member, and is available in standard, spiral, and nonmagnetic designs. It has corresponding drillpipe dimensions and can be picked up with the drillpipe elevators for fast, efficient handling on the rig floor.

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Reduced wear for extended service life

Hevi-Wate drillpipe uses a unique center upset or wear pad that keeps the tube away from the hole wall, increasing tube life while reducing hole drag and differential sticking problems. The API bore back box feature is standard for the box connection on 4-in Hevi-Wate drillpipe and larger, helping to extend the service life of the connection. In addition, cold-rolling the thread roots on the connections increases their ability to resist fatigue cracking.

Hardbanding is an optional feature that can be placed on the tool joints and center wear pad to increase abrasion resistance. The API stress-relief groove feature on the pin connection, for sizes 4 in and larger, is another available option.

Hevi-Wate Drillpipe Applications

Directional drilling 
  • Acts as an effective weight-on-bit member in extended-reach, horizontal, and conventional directional well designs
  • Improves directional control by reducing torque and drag
  • Helps reduce the risk of differential sticking with the center upset
Vertical drilling
  • Acts as an active weight-on-bit member in place of a portion of the drill collar string to reduce torque and shorten trip time
  • Can provide a portion of the anticipated drilling weight when using soft formation PDC rock bits
Transition zone
  • Reduces the risk of drillpipe fatigue failure by providing a gradual transition in stiffness when18 to 21 joints of Hevi-Wate drillpipe are run above the drill collars
Remedial operations
  • Provides the weight required in milling, under-reaming, or hole-opening operations
Jar placement
  • Ensures that the jar is not in the transition zone and acts as a hammer weight above the jar in areas where differential sticking is a problem
Hydraulic improvements
  • Reduces drillstring pressure losses when used to replace part of the drill collar string in hole sizes where drill collar bore size is relatively small

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DRILCO Hevi-Wate Transition Drillpipe
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