DRILCO Premium Drillpipe

Extend pipe durability with high-quality materials

DRILCO uses stringent cleanliness requirements in selecting steel to ensure high fractured toughness, resulting in higher safety margins. Using proprietary equipment for the upset areas, we can specify an extended internal upset with a shallow run-out angle that blends seamlessly into the drillpipe's ID. These qualifications improve pipe performance and ensure its durability in this stress-prone region. To further reduce fatigue, we finish the ID and OD of the assembled pipe adjacent to the weld line.

Minimize washouts and drillstring failure by reducing fatigue

DRILCO uses specialized forging equipment, proprietary tooling, and manufacturing techniques to develop drillpipe with extended upset design and gradual taper, producing uniform mechanical properties throughout the material. The smooth transition area results in a clean steel and enhanced hardenability, reducing fatigue in between the tool joint and tube that is prone to washouts and failures. In addition, proprietary tube chemistries are matched to quench and temper heat treatment processes to achieve excellent impact values, high fatigue resistance, and extended tubular life.

Maximize drilling performance with premium features

In addition to standard features, you can customize your drillpipe for optimal drilling performance with these premium features:

  • DRILCO DS compatible double-shoulder connections—increases ID or reduces OD to improve hydraulic and torque performance
  • Defender hardbanding materials—protect tool joint circumference and casing ID from wear and deterioration during drilling
  • Internal plastic coating—prevents corrosion and extends pipe service life by reducing friction coefficient and improving flow rate and hydraulics
  • Factory make-up and break-out of tool joints—minimizes galling and damage to new drillpipe connections; in cases of galling, joints are repaired or replaced immediately, saving rig time and logistical complications.


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Premium Drillpipe for Optimal Performance

DRILCO offers a full line of premium drillpipe available in a variety of sizes with API and non-standard wall thickness to deliver optimal torque, weight, and durability.
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