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DRILCO products & services

DRILCO manufactured products include drill collars, Hevi-Wate transitional drillpipe, kellys, rotary substitutes (subs), accessories, and other BHA tools. Surface equipment, such as the Ezy-Torq hydraulic cathead, Tru-Torque automatic torque control system, Mud-Chek AP mud saver valve, and other equipment is available to assist the drilling crew in the proper operation and use of the BHA and drillstring components.

DRILCO also offers specialized services such as field inspection, machine shop, field hardbanding, and other tubular management services to provide expert maintenance for essential BHA tools and equipment. Contact DRILCO in your area for equipment or service for your drilling operation.


Drill Collars–Standard and Spiral
Hevi-Wate Transition Drillpipe–Standard and Spiral
Kelly, Rotary Drive–Hex and Square
Mud-Chek AP Mud-Saver Valve
Premium Connections
SSDS High-Torque Drillpipe Premium Connection
ATDS Advanced-Torque Double-Shouldered Drillpipe Premium Connection
Thread Protectors–Pressed Steel and Cast Steel
Rotary Substitutes (Subs)–Various Configurations

Rig Equipment

Ezy-Torq Hydraulic Cathead
Tru-Torque Automatic Torque Control System (ATCS)
Rig Floor and Drilling Packages

Tubular Services

Machine Shop Services
Inspection Services
Mobile Hardbanding Services
Tubular Management Services

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Tubulars & Tubular Services 
For over 60 years, the DRILCO brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation in tubular products and services. 
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