Reamers & Stabilizers

Purpose-specific tools for soft & sticky, to hard
& abrasive formations

Our array of reaming and stabilization tools are purpose-built for use in a variety of formations, from soft and sticky to hard and abrasive. The aim is to ensure efficient and cost-effective wells, regardless of the application.

OnGauge Sealed-Bearing Roller Reamer

Minimize stick/slip and downhole vibration with torque reduction.

Diamond-Enhanced Insert Reamer

DOG Drilling On Gauge Sub

Fixed-Diameter Hole Opener

Drill longer intervals in soft clays and shales to medium-hard shales and limestones, and sticky formations where balling problems are encountered.

Staged Hole Opener

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Torque Reduction for Stabilized Drilling

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The OnGauge roller reamer offers fully customizable holegauge maintenance and torque reduction for greater stability and reliability in harsh environments. View OnGauge Sealed-Bearing Roller Reamer page