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Advanced-performance sealed-bearing reamer lowers costs associated with drillstring wear

The Borrox AP advanced-performance sealed-bearing reamer suppresses drillstring vibration by serving as a fulcrum point for a build or drop assembly or acting as a mild drilling system stabilizer. By reducing downhole torque caused by wellbore spiraling and doglegs, this reamer lowers costs associated with drillstring wear and hole gauge maintenance while increasing drilling performance.

Available for all common hole sizes, the Borrox AP reamer can be configured for placement near the bit or in a part of the drillstring that will provide first zone stabilization of the BHA, helping you ensure that completed wellbores are completed in gauge.

Cutter assemblies matched to formation

To meet varying application requirements and operating parameters, the Borrox AP reamer's cutter assemblies can be easily changed on the rig floor and are available in three types—KSX high-strength TCI reamer cutters for soft to medium-hard formations; RSX milled-profile torque-reduction reamer rollers; and DEX diamond-enhanced insert reamer cutters that provide impact resistance endurance in hard and highly abrasive formations.

Improved performance and borehole quality

The Borrox AP reamer has laser-applied hard metal on cutter blocks to enable backreaming and to improve wear protection. A proprietary seal configuration extends bearing life at higher loads, temperatures, and rotary speeds. The reamer’s long, full-gauge cutting section accommodates the greatest number of inserts to ensure that wellbores are completed efficiently and in gauge. Further, the reamer’s junk slot or total flow area (TFA) allows maximum annular flow to promote cuttings evacuation for thorough borehole cleaning.

Real-time formation evaluation for optimized drilling

A version of the Borrox AP reamer modified to work with Schlumberger MLWD real-time data extenders is also available, allowing reamer placement within the MLWD toolstring.

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Borrox AP & Borrox AP with Real-Time LWD Specifications

Borrox AP Reamer
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